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Kilometers of trails

The number of attractive paths and trails, as well as unexplored places, is constantly expanding.


Interesting videos

Famous and lesser-known places from all over the world are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At any time of the year.


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My Best Trails

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Train in a fun way

On a treadmill, exercise bike, any other exercise machine or without. Do not look at the empty wall, move to the mountains, forest, water and train in a natural environment and interactively, under natural conditions.

No expensive equipment

All you need is a smart TV or a computer. However, we also recommend at least a mobile phone or a motion sensor that turns a visual perception into reality.

In a favourite locality

Trails from all over the world are at your disposal. You can run, ride a bike or even row without restrictions.

From the comfort of home

Enjoy real movement in your favorite environment on your exercise machine (or without) in front of a screen or projection screen.

Katalog tréninkových videí

My Best Trails

Natáčejte vlastní tréninkové trasy nebo jen vkládejte odkazy na videa např. z YouTube.
Následně je používejte při vlastním tréninku. Kdykoliv a kdekoliv.

K dispozici máte celý katalog videí My Best Trails ZDARMA.

Favourite routes

1.8 km 0:17:38
Fit stezka Hněvotín
4.1 km 0:40:57
Virtual Run at Shady Rest Park Mammoth Lakes
5.9 km 0:50:20
Virtual Running Videos For Treadmill With Music | Virtual Run Mountain
6.8 km 0:20:30
Cycle Through Nature -Indoor cycling in the French Alps Videos for your Treadmill or Exercise Bike
13.8 km 2:45:45
4K Virtual Hike Near River through the Forest - Baker River Trail & Chain Lake Trail
5.3 km 0:52:44
Clifton Gorge Trail Run
3.4 km 0:29:08
Kodiak Island, Alaska - 30 minute Virtual Run
6.1 km 1:00:59
Virtual Run 1 Hour | Virtual Running Videos For Treadmill | Treadmill Workout Beach Scenery
5.1 km 0:43:53
Marina Bay Singapore Virtual Run

Choice of the most popular trails

Trails which are added as favourite by our clients most often.

Simple and effective solution

App My Best Trails

The magic of the work out is based on the detection of your movement through a mobile application. Information about this movement is transmitted to the video projection.
The faster you run, ride your bike or you are using another training aid, the faster the landscape you follow passes. When you stop, the video projection stops as well.

Equipment and accessories

A better solution for motion detection when using an exercise bike or treadmill is a separate sensor.

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Further extension

We offer training statistics, the possibility of group training and virtual challenges for more advanced users.

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20+ satisfied customers

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Petr. M.
2 years ago

"I enjoy travelling and doing sports. Thanks to these videos I can look anywhere at any time."

2 years ago

"Great. I don't have to plan running according to the weather. I can go to the mountains when it occurs to me."

Jana Novotna
2 years ago

I like being able to run anywhere in the world. Depending on how much time I have, what my mood is, ..."


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